Welcome to Branch 52

Legion Entrance

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve veterans,
which includes serving military and RCMP members
and their families,
to promote Remembrance
and to serve our communities
and our country.
Hours of Operation
Monday 12-6
Tuesday 11-7
Wednesday 11-7
Thursday 11-7
Friday 11-7
Saturday 11-12
Sunday 12-6
Everyone welcome!
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Monthly Blog for May

Why is May Day so Special?

May Day is celebrated on May 1st every year. It marks the beginning of spring and the rebirth of nature. History of the origination of this fun serendipity type of day is from ancient Polish pagan festivals. May Day marked the celebration of the beginning of summer.

May flowers

How did May Day start?
May Day is primarily celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere. The Ancient Celts called it Beltaine, which is still celebrated today. Over the centuries, it evolved and took on a more secular nature in Europe, including the addition of maypole dances that the holiday is now associated with.

The Mayday Pole Ritual
While we are all familiar with the tradition of planting seeds in the spring and watching them grow throughout the summer, the tradition of the Maypole has also survived.

Since the early days of farming, farmers and farmworkers would gather in the fields on May 1st to celebrate the coming of spring. They did this by dancing around a tall pole weaving in and out among each other. The pole was decorated using red, yellow, purple, blue, green and white ribbons so that the dance created an attractive pattern.

This tradition was born in Northern Europe and slowly spread across England, where today, May Day is celebrated as a holiday. Many decorate the crown with leaves and freshly bloomed May flowers of all colors. The dance is done in the hope of bringing fertility to the livestock, the land, and the people living there. But regardless of the historical meaning of May Day, kids and adults alike enjoy the festivities, and food the event brings each year!

The ritual of the Maypole is a modern-day re-enactment of this ancient tradition, but it is more commonly associated with the May Day festivals that are held all over the world, including in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Check out a YouTube video of a Maypole Dance








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Lunch Menu

roast beef

Legion Lunch

The Legion Lunch is served from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 pm Tuesday to Friday. The cost is $9.29 plus $1.21 HST for a total of $10.50. The menu changes every day. 
“I came out twice this week for the lasagna and cheeseburger/salads. Awesome. Thank you for such great meals” Betsy Hyde from Facebook.
“The food is always delicious” Brenda Chandler from Facebook


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Venue Rental

Venue Rental Information

The Peterborough Legion should be your go-to place for weddings and other important functions that need an accessible, affordable and professionally catered space. We can host 120 guests and have parking for more than 200 vehicles. We can also host your smaller gathering and business meeting too.


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Membership page

Membership Information

Our membership process is very easy. We ask that you come in and fill out an application. You can do this either in the office or right in the Lounge. The Membership Committee can tell you about the Legion activities and if you would like to be involved in activities that interest you, we’ll tell you how to sign up.
It’s that simple!

We currently have a healthy membership of more than 850 members. Our Legion is a community within itself. Whether you’ve served in the military or not, becoming a Legion member is easy. It’s a great way to socialize – we have live entertainment, social events, euchre games and lots of other activities. All new members are welcome! We offer great opportunities for socializing.

  • Seniors Dinner and Meeting Group that meets monthly
  • Wednesday Men’s Dart League
  • Thursday Afternoon Senior Shuffleboard
  • Friday Night Mixed Dart League
  • Saturday Afternoon Mixed Shuffleboard League
  • Tuesday Nights in the summer we have a barbeque and Cruise Night
  • Every Saturday Night we have entertainment in the Lounge
  • Twice a week on Thursday and Saturdays are meat draws.
  • Tuesday to Friday we serve a homemade lunch in the lounge


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